11 Reasons Why SCI [All the Value-Adds & Much More]

Value-added services to improve the profitability of your business is at the core of SCI's business ideals. In the LED lighting division, SCI has a range of value-adds for you to benefit from. These are especially intended to simplify and solve your problems within the LED industry. This along with our in-depth knowledge of the LED Supply Chain helps us understand the nuances and specifically address each and every concern of yours.

11 Reasons Why SCI over Other Distributors

Advanced LED Product Selection Tool

The need for a robust led product selection tool gave way to the lighting compass. A dynamic functionality and an extensive selection criteria allows users to filter and narrow down on the right led equipment for their advanced project requirements and in building world-class luminaires.

Visit Lighting Compass now to actively select and sample the best LED components and drivers for your lighting projects!

Free Samples Forever

With our unwavering focus on adding value to customers, SCI provides free samples for design-in purposes. With no limitations, we consistently provide samples for lifetime in order to ensure that all new projects throughout get the required samples for successful design wins which can ultimately be taken to the mass production stage.

(Do you want to request for a sample? Drop a request to hello@supremecomponents.com right away!)

1-Stop Shop

An ever increasing line of franchises means that our customers are spoilt for choice between brands that are competing to roll out new led products which keep competing between being able to provide maximum efficacy, lumen power, dimming capabilities and the like.
With over 30+ lighting brands and 10,000+ components, SCI boasts on its ability to cater to all sections of the LED industry.

Extended Credit Terms

SCI was recently accorded premium status DP2 investment grade ranking by Experian group. This speaks volumes of our firm's cash liquidity and financial stability.

What it also translates into is our capability to provide for extended credit terms to all our customers which allows for more flexibility in payments without causing any roadblocks to your important projects.

Free Customized LED PCB Assembly Services

Our team of qualified technical sales engineers is crucial in ensuring customers are provided with all-encompassing knowledge about all suppliers and components. They are also in charge of providing free customized LED PCB assembly services with the motive of showing SCI's firm commitment in striving for customer success.

Localized Billings

It is imperative for most companies to be able to get billings done in local terms so that there is more clarity and transparency. SCI understands this and facilitates localized billings to allow for the same.

End-to-end Logistics Management

The safety of your (also our) goods in transport is of utmost importance to us. Our efficient warehouse and logistics team's thorough knowledge about INCOTERMS and years of dealing with freight forwarders and carriers has meant that we have the necessary expertise and commitment to ensure end-to-end logistics support for safe arrival of goods to your warehouse.

Bundled Savings Programs

Based on willingness to establish long-standing business partnerships, SCI offers bundled savings programs which allow customers to carry out bulk purchase of goods and reap rewards in the form of savings. Higher the value of goods, higher your savings!

Attractive Cash-back & Rebate Programs

In our quest to consistently ensure that customers feel valued and to encourage more business transactions, SCI offers attractive cashback and rebate programs. Cashback is offered in the form of credits which can be carried forward to the next transaction depending on the minimum value of components or drivers purchased.

Focused Inventory Management Solutions

Sometimes, customers require goods to be transported in deferred volumes to help them with ease of payments and certain specific project requirements. SCI caters to all such requirements by providing focused inventory management solutions and by allowing for kitting or segregated shipping.

For more details about our LED-related services, type out an email right away to hello@supremecomponents.com and allow us to actively address any of your concerns.

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