LED Supply Chain - The Complete Ecosystem

The LED lighting industry is fast-flourishing with a surge in LED usage across the globe owing to the continued emphasis on sustainability. As various government agencies worldwide have been insisting on implementation of energy-efficient methods and building of smart cities and other large scale infrastructure, LEDs have become pivotal.

Supreme Components International Pte. Ltd. (SCI) has been at the forefront of this disruption by trying to understand the dynamics of this market and helping suppliers and OEMs. Our strategic positioning in the hub of South-East Asia and connections with different players in the supply chain have enabled us to comprehend the supply chain better and serve customers and suppliers with precision.

The Complete LED Supply Chain Infographic

The ecosystem of an LED supply chain can be understood in terms of how manufacturers and suppliers interact with the customer. When a property developer or house owner decides to go ahead with designing the home, the architects along with the lighting and interior designers play a key role in finalizing the type of LED lighting to be used.

The specifications for different luminaires are documented and sent to the builder (general contractor) who in turn delegates it to the electrical contractor. The procurement of these lighting supplies is handled by electrical wholesalers.

At this point in the supply chain, general contractors can try and convince the builders to use substitute lighting products in place of the specified high-tech LEDs requested for by the lighting specialists. This can prove detrimental to the progress of good quality OEMs as lower quality variants may be pushed in by the wholesalers for a cheaper price.

LED-based Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) should look to tap into the interests and trends observed in the rapidly changing LED market. Close attention should be paid to research & development to identify customer needs and key factors influencing the design of lighting products.

As an authorized and reputable distributor, it is important for SCI to position ourselves strongly in order to ensure that the supply needs of OEMs are met with high-tech quality LED components from reliable franchises. We also provide the necessary expertise required to understand the rapidly progressing LED lighting market in a global context.

SCI is proud to have launched a set of robust online LED product/driver selection tools for leading global brands. The innovative and mobile-friendly tool-set can help you search for any LED driver series and filter components using different advanced criteria and view results as required.

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